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End User Training (2 Days)

Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

  • Explore and Analyze Data

  • Cube Viewer / Subset Editor (In-depth)

  • Charting

  • Integrating with TM1 Web

  • Building Reports & Dashboards

  • Synchronizing Objects 

  • Design & Page Layout

  • Action Buttons


Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX)

  • Why PAX?

  • Connecting & Settings

  • Navigation

  • Explore and Analyze Data

  • Report Types 

    • Explorations

    • Quick Reports

    • Dynamic Reports

    • Custom Reports

  • Data input & Spreading

  • Advanced Reporting & Best Practice

  • Publishing to TM1 Web

Application Modeling Training (3 Days)

Overview of IBM Cognos TM1

  • Identify TM1’s Position in a Performance Management System

  • Describe the IBM Cognos TM1 Components and Architecture

  • Explore the IBM Cognos TM1 Environment

Create and Customize Dimensions (PAW)

  • Review Cubes, Dimensions, and Elements

  • Create Dimensions Manually

  • Import Dimensions

  • Edit Dimensions

  • Use Guided Import to Create a Dimension

  • Attributes

  • Alternate Hierarchies Discussion and Demo

  • Discuss Modeling with a Cloud Instance of PA

Create and Customize Cubes (PAW)

  • Construct a New Cube

  • Discuss Cube Properties

  • Edit a Cube Structure

  • Review and Use a Pick List

Basic Rules

  • Simple Cube Rules

  • Intro to Skipcheck & Feeders

  • Currency Conversion Example

Import Data Using Turbo Integrator (TI)

  • Identify Data Sources

  • Create a Process to Load Data 

  • Create a Process to Clear Data

  • Create Processes to Update the Model

Additional Modeling Techniques

  • Create Dynamic Subsets (MDX)

  • Use of Dimension Functions

  • Choosing Where to Implement Business Logic

  • Cube Performance Considerations

Model for Different Fiscal Requirements

  • Discuss Time Considerations

  • Use Discrete Time Dimensions

  • Implement a Continuous Time Dimension Model

Additional Workshops (Optional – Additional Time Required)

  • Advanced Business Rules 

  • TI Best Practice & Building for Re-usability 

  • Multi-threaded Processing 

  • Security

  • In-depth Performance Tuning and Optimization Techniques

  • Avoiding Locking & Contention

  • Integrating with IBM Cognos BI

On Site
Self Paced Online
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