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With over 20 years of successful deployment experience and a deep background in business operations, CarpeDatum has helped a number of companies enable and advance their analytics capabilities and we would love to partner with you to achieve analytics excellence.


Still planning on spreadsheets ? Never-ending month ends ?  In today's increasingly fast-paced economy, leading organizations are transforming they way they do planning by unifying data, people, and plans on a single centralized, agile platform. CarpeDatum helps you to reduce your reliance on Excel with a planning and forecasting processes that involves the entire team, not just the Office of Finance and will help you prioritize where to get most value, within your budget, on the cloud of on premise.











Today it’s not just about making data-driven business decisions, it’s about making decisions that drive competitive advantage. Your organization may have implemented enterprise reporting a decade ago, but the real answers your business users are seeking ​may still be locked within your data to the point they are creating their own shadow BI environments in Excel or Access. CarpeDatum helps you uncover insights fast and reliably by upgrading information delivery and consumption with AI-augmented Business Intelligence that empowers your users to make impacting decisions. 



By now, the story is well told on how artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are changing businesses, all the way down to impacting their core business model. The value is very real and in many cases, it has become and arms race your competitors are actively working on. However the challenge is where to introduce it and how to optimize the return. Let CarpeDatum's data science team assist you in identifying the use case(s) where AI can be applied to achieve unsurpassed productivity and effectiveness to help your company stay competitive and grow. 





RPA (Robotic Process Automation - aka Digital Employees)

RPA is the fastest growing software segment in history due to the tangible, immediate ROI.   Software robots allow you to automate redundant tasks completed by humans, faster, more accurately, and add value added capabilities.  The results are reduced attrition by removing human fatigue of manual efforts, freeing them up to perform higher value functions.   RPA can perform virtually any function a human can perform, including opening emails, reading invoices, and loading into our accounting system, or opening excel spreadsheets and copying records into  Reach out to us today and let us help educate you on the value and applicability of RPA in your industry and company, or check out a free trial via this link.

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