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SPSS Statistics Beta V27

We are pleased to invite you to register for the IBM SPSS Statistics V27 Early Access Beta. The Beta program gives you the opportunity to preview, test, and provide feedback on new capabilities that we have developed for IBM SPSS Statistics V27.

IBM SPSS Statistics client for both Windows and Mac OS will be made available as part of this Beta program. 

The Beta program is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks (mid Q1). Qualified registrants will receive a follow up email with Beta access instructions.  Please review the participant requirements and application process below: Requirements to Participate in the Beta program 1. You accept the Early Access Beta terms and conditions (e.g. an NDA) before downloading the Beta application 2. You agree to provide regular product feedback during the Beta period  3. You agree to fill out a post-Beta survey Next Steps If you are willing and able to fulfill all of the Beta program requirements, register todayto secure your spot in the V27 Beta.



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