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See what's new with Planning Analytics Workspace update 48

Abbreviate numbers in views to thousands or millions You can abbreviate numbers quickly in a view to thousands or millions to make your data easier to read.Identify broken button links when you migrate a snapshot When you migrate a book with a button, but do not migrate the target of the button, the button will be broken after migration. You can now view a list of migrated assets that result in broken buttons and take action to restore the buttons in the migration target environment.


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Great Blog post by Lodestar Solutions

Great article on leveraging our TM1Connect solution to connect your Planning Analytics/TM1 environment with other BI tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Qlik.

Planning Analytics Workspace Services and Associated Logs

The various services used in PAW are enumerated below, along with a brief description of their use in the application.  The folder name referenced for each log file is located in the PAW installation

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