Application Overview

This sample application is provided with Enterprise Services and demonstrates the capabilities of ESFramework for building sophisticated, yet user-friendly, web applications quickly and easily.

ESFramework takes much of the burden off of developing HTML applications in a configuration-style approach, rather than requiring a highly experienced modern UI/UX developer. Applications such as this can be built in a matter of days rather than several months that would be required to deliver the same level of capability and interactivity with TM1 as you will see here.


  • User friendly high performance desktop style application over the web
  • Highly styled and non-grid based look and feel
  • User guided experience for complex functionality and workflow
  • Real-time, distributed writeback and calculations using TM1, including dimension management
  • TM1 connected controls, such as Grids, Charts, Date Pickers, Panel Bars, etc.
  • Integration with TM1Web CubeViewer and WebSheets within the application
  • Advanced application handling, such as routing, paging, just-in-time loading, etc.

Live Application

Employee Planning

Video Walk-through



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