Part 9: Setting up dependencies between widgets

In this tutorial we will be creating the Employee By Period tab content, which can be considered as a reporting tab. It allows the user to select the filters of the returned data using a series of dependent dropdowns. When any one of these dropdowns are used, the report will be updated immediately with the corresponding results.

The process of setting up a widget to respond to another is referred to as establishing a dependency. In ESFramework a widget can depend on one or more widgets by simply configuring the dependsOn property. No need to write complex logic and dependency chain management routines to ensure that widgets are properly refreshed when needed and, more importantly, not overly refreshed when multiple dependencies are needed.

This tutorial illustrates how to create an esGrid that depends on four different dropdowns. Two of the dropdowns are created using a standard list-style dropdown. The other two allow for hierarchical navigation. In addition, we will cover how ESFramework optimizes datasources defined in datasources section of the module for performance.


  • Create standard and hierarchical dropdowns
  • Assign dependency between widgets for refreshing content
  • Creating esGrid without using a specified column widths
  • Asynchronous data retrieval with module datasources

Live Application

Part 9 - Setting up dependencies between widgets

Video Walk-through

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