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ESFramework is a 100% client-side framework for building web applications that leverage the power of Enterprise Services to bring realtime read/write capability to IBM Cognos TM1 as well as relational data sources. ESFramework is written entirely in JavaScript, so there is no client-side downloads, or components to install and maintain. In addition, there are no server-side components to manage, so the workload is distributed across the clients instead of putting the processing demand on the server.

esFramework.pngESFramework provides all of the infrastructure that most applications need to produce dynamic and highly interactive applications using a configuration-style approach to building applications. A web application built in ESFramework, then, is comprised a collection of re-usable modules. Creating a module is typically nothing more than setting the options for how a widget is to operate; ESFramework does all the heavy lifting; allowing you to rapidly build entire applications in mere fraction of the time to build it yourself.

Not Just for the Power User

Although ESFramework is designed for with the power user in mind, highly advanced applications can still be developed in more traditional ways using standard HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. If your application requires specialized business requirements, such as incorporating existing web components or widgets into your application, access to data sources not provided by Enterprise Services, or even specialized creative animations; applications built using ESFramework are in textual code format so you can make changes quickly; not some proprietary application that locks you into doing things their way. With ESFramework, you can build applications your way...easy....FAST!