Carpe Datum Solutions



Solutions by Line of Business

With over 20 years of successful deployment experience and a deep background in business operations, CarpeDatum has helped a number of companies advance their analytics capabilities. Here are a few examples.

Office of Finance Managing costs, forecasting revenue. Looking at the impact of various scenarios on your P&L, Balance Sheet and cash flow. These are some of the traditional engagements where we help companies begin their analytics agenda. Others include revenue recognition, managing currency conversions for foreign operations, and understanding the true cost of a product or business unit.

Sales and Marketing Sales forecasts versus revenue forecasts. Tightening up the process so that the company can make plans and decisions based on realistic estimates.

Manufacturing What does the plan call for and what the does the forecast suggest? Do I have enough inventory for the plan after adjustments or is there too much capital tied up raw materials? What about seasonality. Is the variance correct or should I look at historical trends? Can I trust the sales forecast or do my own analysis? These are just a few of the questions we have helped companies address.

Human Resources This is an area often overlooked but can have the biggest impact to the success of a firm. What is the real cost of adding a new employee? What is the team forecasting for headcount? Which departments should take priority?