Part 4: Widget Interactivity, Context and Event Handling

The primary employee list has been now created and this tutorial will begin adding functionality to filter the employee list by the employment status (part time/full time). Although filtering is capable by using the grid headers, many users prefer to have buttons clearly marked and readily usable with minimal clicks.

This tutorial will introduce the basics of adding interactivity between widgets. In this section, we will cover the concepts of context and event handling in order to create buttons which alter the filtering behavior of the grid created previously.


  • Understanding the use of contextName and when to apply it
  • Creating esButtons in HTML without using JavaScript
  • Creating and assigning event handlers to buttons
  • Understanding context values provided to event handlers
  • Applying filters to datasources to alter esGrid display

Live Application

Part 4 - Widget Interactivity, Context and Event Handling

Video Walk-through



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