Part 3: Displaying TM1 Data in a Grid

With the basic application layout complete, this tutorial will focus on building content in the first tab of the application which will hold the employee list that the user will use to manage the workforce for the company.

This tutorial will step through the process of connecting ESFramework to ESWeb for pulling information from a two dimensional cube in TM1. You will learn how to define datasources and use them with widgets, specifically an esGrid widget.


  • Basic overview of ESWeb
  • Learn how to create a datasource which pulls data from ESWeb connected to a TM1 cube
  • Creating the options for instantiating an ESFramework widget
  • Using ESHelp reference for assistance with using ESFramework widgets
  • Connecting an esGrid widget to a datasource
  • Formatting columns and data within the grid
  • Adding server-side paging for performance

Live Application

Part 3 - Displaying TM1 Data in a Grid

Video Walk-through



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