Part 7: Using Dimensions and Executing TI Processes

This tutorial involves creating a module which captures from the user a department to transfer an employee to. The actual transfer of the employee information, however, is performed by a Turbo Integrator process that is executed from the module.

The module will create a combobox style dropdown for the user to select the department to transfer the employee to. This combobox is populated from a dimension using an MDX query. When the user selects the button to perform the transfer, the information will be collected into a set of parameters for the TI process, and then it will be executed immediately.


  • Create a datasource against a dimension using an MDX query
  • Display a combobox from the dimension subset datasource
  • Bind HTML to global-level fields using namespaces
  • Review how TI Processes are managed in ESWeb
  • Capture data entry and execute a TI process

Live Application

Part 7 - Using Dimensions and Executing TI Processes

Video Walk-through

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