Part 11: Integrating with TM1Web

TM1 offers some very powerful ad-hoc analysis and reporting capabilities using TM1Web. ESFramework allows you to integrate TM1Web Cube Viewer and Web Sheets directly into your applications. This allows you to build only the parts of your application which need a more robust, user-guided, and friendly user experience in ESFramework, and then incorporate the ad-hoc browsing and MS Excel-like reporting that TM1 provides right into your application. This reduces maintenance and support but still provides a seamless user experience.

This module shows how to incoporate a cube viewer into a tab within the application to allow the user to perform ad-hoc reporting against the Employee By Period TM1 cube. ESWeb provides the capabilities of determining which application folders are published and available to users, and ESFramework renders the web sheets or cube views in the application.

ESWeb also can serve as a reverse proxy (pass through server) to TM1 to allow you to host TM1Web on an internal server that is not accessible externally. This allows you to create hosted applications or develop SAAS (software as a service) applications.


  • Using ESWeb to select application folders for use in web applications
  • Create esApplication widget for rendering TM1Web content
  • Considerations for publishing and using TM1Web content in applications

Live Application

Part 11 - Integrating with TM1Web

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