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Business intelligence systems enable users to interactively view and analyze their data to make timely, accurate, information-based decision.

They give you in-depth knowledge of your business, at your fingertips - at the exact moment you need it. It transforms your data to help you make better decisions, lower expenses and increase your competitive advantage.

ESFramework Application Walk-through

This tutorial is a walkthrough of a simple, but complete single-page web application using Enterprise Services to access TM1 as a datasource. It includes functionality such as a tabbed interface, form style data display formatting, grids, data collection, executing TI processes, incorporating TM1Web WebSheets and CubeViews, and many others. This sample application illustrates the core concepts of building an application from the ground up using a step-by-step approach. Each step builds upon the previous step, so you can compare and contrast what was added in each step, both from an end user perspective as well as from a code perspective.