Our suite of products and solutions enable our clients to monitor, analyze, and plan their businesses, as well as drive alignment, accountability, and actionable insight across the entire organization.

Build rich, intuitive & highly interactive TM1 applications for the web.Easy. Fast.

Leave the confinement of the grid-based TM1 paradigm and experience the power of TM1 in a familiar GUI, user-guided experience, application style interface that users across the enterprise expect.

Enterprise Services is a platform that allows developers to create sophisticated, web based TM1 applications without having to know the complexities of the TM1 API.

With Enterprise Services you can:

  • Create web forms that guide your users through the planning process.
  • Convert your Excel templates to high performance web applications.
  • Simplify the end user experience of complex models.
  • Deploy your system to hundreds of users with limited training.
  • Interact with multiple cubes through one intuitive interface.
  • Integrate TM1 with your corporate portal.

Easily develop dynamic web pages that:

  • Incorporate advanced controls such as buttons, calendars, repeating tables, rich text, numbered lists, and optional sections.
  • Include data validation and business logic.
  • Interact with TM1 Views, subsets, processes and chores.
  • Execute TM1 processes as an administrative user without circumventing security policies and procedures.
  • Simultaneously read and write TM1 and relational data sources.