Customer Showcase

Workforce Planning in TM1

The Workforce Planning video gives an in depth look at and application developed to serve a real business need, managing a company's workforce.  With specific Workforce management tools and UI Components, this video demonstrates the power of using Enterprise Services in conjunction with the ESFramework.

Expense Planning in TM1

The Expense Planning video gives another detailed look at how to manage company wide expenses in TM1.  With real business application and a unique Guided User Experience, this video showcases what an application built with CarpeDatum's expertise could be.

Budget Input Form

This video demonstrates a form containing cascading dropdowns, optionally displayed sections, data spreading, and adding budget line items with no coding.

Capital Investment Estimate Form

This video demonstrates an advanced form containing visual workflow, extensive data validation, background TI processes, multiple views in a single form, and a separately designed printed and display version.