Our suite of products and solutions enable our clients to monitor, analyze, and plan their businesses, as well as drive alignment, accountability, and actionable insight across the entire organization.

CarpeDatum Products

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience building TM1 applications for customers large and small in a variety of settings from large scale turnkey SAAS applications, to web based utilities for simplifying administration tasks.   We understand the needs of users, developers, and administrators and have created these products to address those needs.

Enterprise Services

es_logo_new.pngEnterprise Services is a platform that allows developers to create sophisticated, web based TM1 applications without having to know the complexities of the TM1 API.   With ESFramework, building pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS applications for TM1 can now be done within days instead of months; saving you tremendous amount of time developing rich interactive web-based applications.


tm1connect_logo_new.pngTM1Connect dramatically simplifies the complex process of converting TM1 multi-dimensional data directly into native QlikView QVX format or as a direct connect from QlikView desktop.   Now your users can extract information from TM1 in real-time and use QlikView interface for dashboards and reporting.


tm1compare_logo_new.pngTM1Compare is a tool for comparing, auditing, synchronizing and migrating information across multiple TM1 server installations.   With TM1Compare you can move objects between servers without taking the server down, including rules, TI processes, dimensions, etc.   TM1Compare includes the ability to create snapshots for auditing changes over time as well as deployment packages for migrating between servers in a distributed environment.