Business intelligence systems enable users to interactively view and analyze their data to make timely, accurate, information-based decision.

They give you in-depth knowledge of your business, at your fingertips - at the exact moment you need it. It transforms your data to help you make better decisions, lower expenses and increase your competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We would like to think that business is a rational pursuit in which decision-makers collect all available information and the conduct a thorough analysis of business conditions before choosing a course of action.  Research shows that this is often not the case.  In a recent survey 60% of business managers say they don’t have enough information to make fact-based decisions and they have to rely on instinct. Transforming information into insight involves more than simply making data accessible to end users. Users need to be enabled with the appropriate tools to convert that data into actionable information.

CarpeDatum specializes in the development of Business Intelligence systems utilizing OLAP technologies that enable users to interactively view and analyze their data so they can make timely, accurate, information-based decisions.

CarpeDatum has been working with our clients to create solutions that:

  • Easily measure and explain business performance.
  • Empower employees to conduct their own analysis, with minimal support from IT.
  • Quickly put knowledge in the hands of decision makers.
  • Provide increased efficiency by reducing the time spent collecting data.
  • Provide improved analytical capability.
  • Ensure data quality and consistency.

Services Offered

  • OLAP Cube Design
  • OLAP Business Rule Implementation (MDX or Other)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Key Performance Indicators & Metric Design
  • Scorecard / Dashboard Development
  • Data Mining