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Who We Are

CarpeDatum is a premier provider of strategic business intelligence and performance management solutions, focused on enabling companies to make timely and informed business decisions. We provide our clients with the tools, resources, and experience to rapidly implement and harness the power of business intelligence applications.


Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience building TM1 applications for customers large and small in a variety of settings from large scale turnkey SAAS applications, to web based utilities for simplifying administration tasks.   We understand the needs of users, developers, and administrators and have created these products to address those needs.


At CarpeDatum, our goal is to ensure your Business Intelligence applications deliver much more value than what you invest.  Whether you need a departmental, business unit, or enterprise-wide solution, CarpeDatum's Business Intelligence experts can help you envision and implement a solution to meet your needs.  View our service offerings today!

What's new for TM1Connect version 4.0

• TM1Connect Smart Cache technology
    ○ User-selectable views and dimensions for caching
    ○ Cached items can be loaded on demand or at startup
    ○ View cache refreshes at regular intervals or on data change
• Connect to hosted IBM Cognos TM1 servers using the new REST API
• Single TM1Connect Data Agent for multiple TM1Connect servers
• Improved installation and configuration for managing multiple TM1Connect servers

What's new for TM1Compare version 4.0

• IBM software install no longer required when using IBM Cognos TM1 REST API.
• Faster load and comparison times using multi-threaded queries.
• Individually compare & migrate dimension element attributes and attribute values.

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"For the first time in many years, we were able to complete our year end reporting before the holiday."

George Ashkar
Senior Director Controller
Financial Services
California State University
"With TM1 and CarpeDatum Consulting, we are in a better position to turn our 50-year old start up, into a diversified technology leader."

Allen Howard
Business Process Manager
Integrated Circuits Division
Agilent Technologies
"Our CarpeDatum system enabled BP management to view financial information graphically for our business unit anytime, anywhere.."

Phil Dewberry
Planning Manager
Dee-Water Business Unit
British Petrolium