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MCI WorldCom

Marketing Information and Sales Analysis

mciworldcom.pngThe MCI Lead "TrueUp" system is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of managing MCI Telemarketing leads.

The system helps analysts ensure that there are enough Telemarketing leads to meet planned sales goals. Using the system analysts can quickly analyze and estimate the data needs required to meet cycle goals in Telemarketing centers.

The system uses a combination of software products. MS Access and Visual Basic were used to acquire data from both SQL databases and MS Excel spreadsheets. This data is then feed into TM1 (a multi-dimensional database) using CarpeDatum's Transport. Transport facilitates the integration of metadata and data into the iTM1 TrueUp System.

The user interface to the system is a combination of Applix iTM1 and MS Excel. Data is extracted from disparate sources including; two Telemarketing lead inventory databases (DEC & SmartCall), two different sales tracking systems (Red Green an SQL database and a customized mainframe extract that provides completes data.), a lead generation system called “CONI”, a MS Excel worksheet that contains Cycle plan information (Placements) and various hand entered statistics. The system combines this information with complex business rules to arrive at “snapshot” and “TrueUp” reports.


Revenue Analysis for the Mass Markets Division

MCI Mass Markets Division is the consumer element of MCI Telecommunications. Mass Markets also accounts for $6 billion of MCI’s revenue.

mci.pngMass Markets needed a way to analyze the sources of revenue in order to properly arrange their customer service, telemarketing and direct sales forces efficiently and effectively and ensure a consistent and reliable revenue stream. MCI had 5 analysts and a manager reporting, budgeting and forecasting high-level revenue data in relational databases and spreadsheets (Focus, Access and Excel) prior to the integration.

CarpeDatum Consulting programmed Transport to interface with the legacy MCI system that delivered over 300 MB of transaction data per month - translating to 3.6 GB per year. Transport is able to efficiently translate and load each month's data building the proper dimensions and resolving any and all new leaf elements and their respective roll ups. The result was an 8-dimension iTM1 data cube with plenty of detailed and accurate data.

After the successful integration, only 4 analysts (including the manager!) were needed to dissect the data that contained much more detail than ever before. Consequently, Mass Markets is able to forecast more accurately disconnect rates; future installs, and even minutes! This translates into better business decisions regarding scheduling customer service reps, more intelligent telemarketing and direct marketing information and most importantly, budgeting and forecasting the considerable revenue stream.