Setting Subset Properties

Subset properties are used to control the information that is returned from a dimension, including what members to return, whether to flatten hierarchies, sorting order, as well as member attributes.


View Subset Properties


Setting Subset Properties

On the basic subset properties screen the following properties are available:

hmtoggle_arrow1        Dimension Name        

This field is automatically populated with the name of the dimension that the view is associated with.

This name is also the value that will be used as a parameter to the web service method for the view when changing the dimension member to use in the view at run time.   If you specify the dimension name as a parameter on the URL of a view, you can alter the members that are used when creating the results.   For example:


hmtoggle_arrow1        Subset Name

Subset Name is the name of the subset in TM1 that was used as a basis for creating the view.   Normally this value is the same as the dimension name, but in cases where the name contains special characters, the subset name may be altered to conform to XML specifications.  

hmtoggle_arrow1        Member Selection Method

Member Selection Method allows you to choose from four different ways to determine how dimension members will be incorporated into a view.   These four methods are:

Member List        Individually select the members to be used in the view

Subset                Obtain members from a TM1 Subset

Library MDX        Use a centralized, pre-defined MDX statement

Custom MDX        Directly enter an MDX expression


Click on one of the above links for details on each of these member selection methods.

Previewing Subsets

Once you have made all the required property settings, you can preview the results by pressing the Preview button.   This will display the dimension in a grid layout similar to the one shown below:

Subset Preview


If you need to see how the dimension elements will be returned in a JSON or XML format, you can simply click on the appropriate radio button at the top of the screen.   The results will be similar to the following:


Subset Preview - JSON



NOTE:  Previewing a subset in JSON or XML format displays only how a dimension preview would look in either of these formats.   When the subset is used in a view, this is not how the view is returned.   Use Preview on the View Properties page to preview how the results of the view will be returned in JSON or XML format (see Managing Cube Views for details)