Understanding Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is a application development platform that comprises of several components which allow you to rapidly create interactive web applications that integrate with your TM1 multi-dimensional and relational data sources.  


Many organizations find themselves facing challenges with either writing applications which each project include logic for manipulating data into a format that suits the application, or writing new web services layers to perform the data transformations.   In either case, an inordinate amount of time is spent developing and maintaining these development efforts, which can lead to scattered business logic or web service development explosion.

Enterprise Services removes that burden by providing a drag-and-drop interface for managing web services for TM1 and relational data sources.   These services are centralized and can be used by many applications so that your application development can focus on the user interface and user experience rather than data management.  Enterprise Services leverages TM1's centralized business logic and data security to relieve the data access and calculation burden from even the most complex business applications.


The following components are included with Enterprise Services.


ESWeb                JSON and XML Web Service provider for TM1 and relational databases

ESManager        Administration tool for publishing web services for use in applications

ESFramework        Client-side UI components for building HTML/JavaScript based applications


A high level overview of the architecture for Enterprise Services is shown below:


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