Setting Write-back Options

Enterprise Services incorporates a number of powerful options to make writing back data to TM1 easy depending on your application needs.   With these write-back options, you do not have to execute TI scripts to prepare dimensions in order to add new information to cubes.   You also do not have to separately write back attribute information with a separate operation.   Enterprise Services allows you configure how the dimension information is to be written back using the Write-back properties screen, on a view by view basis.   Any data written to the cube using the TM1ViewSubmit or TM1ViewWrite methods will conform to the configuration rules established here.  


View Subset Writeback Options


Since each view can be defined separately, each view can have specific rules about how dimensions are updated.  For example, one view can be configured to add contractor type employees with a specific set of rules governing how the Position elements are added to the dimension.   Another view for temporary employees can have a different set of rules configured even though they update the same Position dimension.


hmtoggle_arrow1Ignore Non Existing Member IDs

The Ignore Non Existing Member IDs option will instruct Enterprise Services to drop any records (without warnings or errors) received during a view write-back that do not have corresponding dimension members.   This option should be used to protect TM1 from being updated if an application allows for new, or user-entered, elements.   It is better to design the application in such a way that this cannot occur, but setting this view option will ensure this integrity.


hmtoggle_arrow1Error on Non Existing Member IDs

The Error on Non Existing Member IDs option operates similar to above, but will generate an error response if a member ID is encountered in the write-back data which does not correspond with a member in the target dimension.    Enterprise Services will process all dimension members prior to writing any data to the cube; such that if an error occurs, no data in TM1 will be changed.


hmtoggle_arrow1Auto Add Non Existing Member IDs

Setting Auto Add Non Existing Member IDs option will assume the application has properly set the dimension member IDs to the proper value on all records requested for writeback.   Any new member IDs encountered will be added to the bottom of the dimension unless the ParentID  property is also set, in which Enterprise Services, will place the new member under the specified Parent member.


hmtoggle_arrow1Auto Increment and Add Non Existing Member IDs

Selecting Auto Increment and Add Non Existing Member IDs option add any unspecified or unrecognized member IDs to the dimension according to the Auto Numbering Options, regardless of the value provided during write-back.   See Auto Numbering Options for more details.


hmtoggle_arrow1Renumber All and Add Non Existing Member IDs

Selecting Renumber All and Add Non Existing Member IDs option will ignore any member IDs specified in the data to be written back and re-assign sequentially increasing IDs (starting with 1) according to the Auto Number Options specified.   This option, in conjunction with Clear View Before Writeback option in the Advanced View Settings screen, will ensure that all data in TM1 is contiguous and sequential.   This is especially useful for line-item style entry where order, sequence and continuity in the line items is important.



CAUTION:  This operation is expensive (in terms of performance).   Restrict the use of this to small data sets since it must clear and write the entire set of data defined by the view.


hmtoggle_arrow1Member Processing Specified by Application

The Member Processing Specified by Application option will instruct Enterprise Services to allow the application to set the write-back mode.   This is done by setting the .