Managing Function Library

Many of the built-in web methods supported by Enterprise Services operate similarly to the functions found in the TM1 API guide, without the need for creating special programs or manage memory as is required by the TM1 API.   This will allow you to build robust TM1 based applications quickly and easily; as well as take advantage of the capabilities the API offers in applications that only understand web services.


There are a number of functions which have been provided and they are broken down into the following categories:


Application Functions

Chore Functions

Connection Functions

Cube Functions

Dimension Functions

Member Functions

Process Functions

Sandbox Functions

Server Functions

Subset Functions

View Functions


Each function can be modified to supply a default value and enable or disable the function from being exposed as a web method.   To edit a function, click on the desired function within the navigation section:


Function Selection


When you click on a function, you will be provided with options for enabling the function as a web method, as well as all of the parameters required and the default values to provide if the web method is used without specifying the value.


Function Properties


At this point, you can set the options required for this function and press the Save button at the bottom of the screen to apply changes.