Installing Enterprise Services

This section provides you with the details for installing, configuring, and testing Enterprise Services.

Click to expand.   Running the setup file

Click Next to continue with the setup.

Install Screen Shot 1

Click to expand.   Select Destination Directory

This screen allows you to set the directory where Enterprise Services program files are stored.  

Install Screen Shot 2

Click to expand.   Select TM1 Installation Directory

When prompted for the IBM® Cognos® TM1® installation directory, you must supply the proper location where the IBM® Cognos® TM1® binary files are located that are appropriate for the platform that Enterprise Services will be running on (64 or 32 Bit).  If this directory is not specified correctly, you can continue with the installation, but Enterprise Services will not be able to connect with IBM® Cognos® TM1® and will fail.   The default path for the TM1 installation files are shown below.  

64-Bit Operating Systems

TM1 v9.x

C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin

TM1 v10.x

C:\Program Files\IBM\Cognos\TM1_64\bin64

32-Bit Operating Systems

TM1 v9.x

C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin

TM1 v10.x

C:\Program Files\IBM\Cognos\TM1\bin


Install Screen Shot 3

Click to expand.   Select the software components to install

At this point, you can select which software components to install based on your environment.   There are three options to choose from:

Full Installation

Compact Installation

Custom Installation

Install Screen Shot 4b

Click to expand.   Complete the installation

The remaining setup screens provide you with options for setting the location of the Start Menu Folder and Shortcuts, and finally the option to initiate the installation.   Once the installation is complete, you will be taken automatically to the configuration page.  For details on configuring Enterprise Services see topic Configuring Enterprise Services.

Finish the installation by clicking Finish.

Install Screen Shot 9